Election Updates

Greetings from Kenya!

On Tuesday this week, Kenyans went to the polls to vote for the president and other central and local government positions. Many offices and businesses closed on Tuesday to allow Kenyans to vote, and the city will remain quiet and mostly shutdown as we await the results of the election to be officially announced. CARE for AIDS is planning to reopen the office on Monday. Since everything is closed, many people have traveled and those of us who are still here aren’t leaving the house much. The city feels very quiet – almost the way it would feel back home on a snow day. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and making phone calls back home.

For anyone wondering about the security situation with the elections, there have been some reports of protests and police using force to disperse crowds, but generally things have been quiet and peaceful, and it is expected that things will stay that way despite the fact the the opposition candidate has already rejected the results of the election that are showing the current president, Uhuru Kenyatta, winning a reelection. Keep Kenya in your prayers, but also know that the feeling on the ground is peaceful and positive. Look at this post about Kibera (one of the places where violence was the most anticipated).

So, things are quiet, and I am taking this opportunity to give three brief updates:

  1. In September, the team of Americans here in Kenya will triple in size as two people – a married couple, the Markhams – join me in my role. I am really excited to welcome them to Kenya and to hand over/share some of my responsibilities with them. As the organization continues to grow within Kenya, Tanzania, and soon Uganda, it became clear that the work I do was too much for one person. I am excited to see how my role will change and grow with this development, and I am looking forward to having two more fellow Americans here to partner with in this work.
  2. The second update is related. The Markhams will be taking over the role of hosting teams who come from the US. I will still be involved with teams, but the Markhams will be the primary hosts. Because of this, they will be moving into the CARE for AIDS guest house that has been my home for the past three years, and I will be moving into a house with friends more inside of Nairobi. I am so excited for this change, and to be closer to church and to friends, and to the hustle and bustle of the city. I am also really excited about how this move will reduce the amount that I drive. There is a picture below of the living of the house I am moving into (I am hanging out here this week during elections).
  3. The last update is that I will be visiting the US during the last part of November and the beginning of December. I hope to see some of you!

Thanks for reading!


Update 4: I never refuse someone a selfie.



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